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  • It can be used widely, including reception, party, wedding reception.
    Choose a format that matches the number of people, from the small ballroom of 10 people to the big banquet hall where you can welcome 400 people.
    We are waiting for everyone with careful attention and service.

Banquet Plan

  • Summer party plan 2022

    Please use it for hot weather with your company and friends, class reunions and alumni associations.

    ■Period June 1st (Wednesday) -August 31st, 2022(Wednesday)

    【6,000 yen course】
    ■Cooking contents
    Heavy box(Chinese appetizer/2 kinds of sashimi/Grilled chicken gochujang/Pated Campagne)
    Grilled sazae burgundy butter with bucket
    Roasted golden pork with orange flavor
    Plum somen

    ■All-you-can-drink for 2 hours
    Beer,Wine,whiskey,Japanese sake,Shouchu (distilled spirit),Non-alcoholic,Soft drinks

    ※7,000 yen, 8,000 yen, 10,000 yen course are also available according to your budget
    I prepared it.
  • Class meeting plan

    We will assist the secretary from sending out the invitation letter to the second party on the day.

    ◆Price 1 person 9,800yen

    ◆What is included in the plan
    □Meal(Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine 8 dishes) □Drink(All-you-can-drink for 2 hours)  □Second party(90 minutes)
    □Guide letter(Round trip postcard)  □Guide letter shipping list    □Commemorative photo(Hand on the day)
    □Name plate      □Reception list

    ※Those who are absent from the second party are 7,800 yen per person.

Introduction of facilities

Venue nameCapacity
Hakucho no Ma50 to 330
Toki-no-ma40 to 300 people
3rd floor, Small ballroom10 to 40
  • 1st floor, Hakucho no Ma

     ·Hakucho no Ma(all), Dinner, 330 people/Standing behind, 500 people/School, 400 people
     ·Hakucho no Ma(West), Dinner, 90 people/Standing behind, 120 people/School, 120 people
     ·Hakucho no Ma(east), Dinner, 120 people/Standing behind, 150 people/School, 120 people

    "area", 162 tsubo(536 m²)

    "Vertical", 34.50 m

    "side", 15.50 m

    "height", 4.50 m
  • Toki-no-ma

     ·Toki-no-ma(all), Dinner, 300 people/Standing behind, 400 people/School, 400 people
     ·Toki-no-ma(West), Dinner, 90 people/Standing behind, 120 people/School, 90 people
     ·Hakucho no Ma(east), Dinner, 120 people/Standing behind, 140 people/School, 120 people

    "area", 151 tsubo(499 m²)

    "Vertical", 34.00 m

    "side", 14.70 m

    "height", 4.20 m
  • 3F, Banquet Hall, Plan view

     ·Room 301, Dinner, 30 people/ School, 20 to 30 people
     ·Room 305.6, Dinner, 36 people/ School, 20 to 30 people
     ·Room 303, Dinner, 16 people/School, 10 to 15
     ·Room 307, Dinner, 10 people/ Enclosure, 10 people

     ·Room 301, 50 m²
     ·Room 305.6, 69 m²
     ·Room 303, 37 m²
     ·Room 307, 33 m²
  • Toki-no-ma, "Party style"
  • Hakucho no Ma, "School style"