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Notifications & Events

  • Steakhouse"Azuma"     Premium three-stage weight

    Enjoy the taste of the popular steak house "Azuma" at home
    We started premium weight.

    【Charge】 Imported beef:14,000 yen (excluding tax) 15,120 yen(tax included)
           Wagyu (Japanese Beef):25,000 yen (excluding tax) 27,000 yen(tax included)

    【Contents】 Three-stage weight(For 4 people)
      One heavy ·Imported beef steak(Sirloin 400g & Fillet 400g)
           ·Sauteed onions ·Fried garlic
      Two heaviness ·Colorful vegetable grill ·Special Namul
           ·Volume"Mustard mushroom radish",2 other types
      Three heavy ·Garlic rice using A5 rank Japanese black beef

    ■With special apple sauce of steak house "Azuma"

    ※Orders are accepted from one piece.
    ※Please order at least 2 days before use.
    ※Delivery time is from 11:00 to 18:00
    ※We also deliver.(Chuo-ku, Kita-ku, Higashi-ku, Nishi-ku, Gangnam-gu, Akiba-ku)
  • Information on lunch boxes and hors d'oeuvres

    Japanese food lunch made carefully by seasonal ingredients
    Popular steak house "Azuma" steak lunch

    Delivered in orders of 10 or more.

    ■Sirloin steak lunch 2,900 yen
    ■Shikisai lunch box (pine) 2,900 yen
    ■Shikisai lunch box (bamboo) 2,100 yen

    ■Chinese hors d'oeuvre 5,400 yen
    ■Variety hors d'oeuvres 6,480 yen

    【Delivery area】  Niigata City
            (Chuo-ku,Kita,East ward,Gangnam-gu,Akiba,Nishi-ward)
    【Delivery time】11:00 to 18:00
             ※We will deliver it at your desired time.

    ※Please order at least 2 days before use.
  • ·New Coronavirus Countermeasures    ·Banquet Hall,Smoking cessation in restaurants   

    Thank you for using Niigata Toei Hotel.
    The following contents will be notified to users.

    ■About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases
    We are working to strengthen sanitation within the facility to prevent infection with new coronaviruses.
    Disinfectants are installed at various locations within the facility and are recommended for customer use.
    Considering the health and safety of customers and public health, some hotel staff
    I wear a mask in Niigata.
    Humbly, please understand.

    ■Banquet halls and restaurants are no smoking
    Initiatives to prevent unwanted passive smoking from Wednesday, April 1, 2020
    In accordance with the "Revised Health Promotion Law", make all restaurants and banquet rooms non-smoking
    I will.There is a smoking room in this facility.
    Sorry to trouble you, but please use the smoking room.
  • Celebration dinner recommended by the chief chef

    Spring with many celebrations, such as graduation, admission, and employment
    Special course eclectic Japanese, Western and Chinese celebration

    ■Period From Sunday, March 1, 2020 to April 28, 2020(Tuesday)
    ■time, Dinner time, 17:00 to 20:00 (LO)
    ■Charge, Solo Traveler, 6,800 yen
    ■Contents, Japanese / Western cuisine
            ·Spring taste platter
            ·Seasonal seafood platter
            ·Chinese-style teacup steamed shark fin sauce
            ·Shrimp with plum mayonnaise
            ·Kagoshima red snapper grilled with herbs
               Clam and Omar nails
            ·Grilled beef fillet and foie gras saute
            ·Spring colored Temari sushi
            ·Today's dessert

    ! You can put a message of your choice in the dessert and produce a surprise!
  • Notice of changes to dinner hours

    To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection
    Notice about business hours change

    The government announced on February 25, "Countermeasures for new coronavirus infections.
    Based on the "Basic Policy", we will provide health and safety for customers and employees.
    First of all, as an initiative to prevent the spread of infection
    We will shorten business hours as follows.

    ■Business hours after change
    Dinner time 17:00 to 21:30(Last order 20:00)

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand
    Thank you for your consideration.