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Notifications & Events

  • "December 2", Yasuhiro Suzuki & Emi Fujita Joint Dinner Show

    ◆◆Yasuhiro Suzuki(Former off course)& Emi Fujita(Kurore)Joint dinner show◆◆

    ■Date and time, December 2, 2018(Day)

    ■time, Receptionist/From 16: 30, Meals/From 17: 00, show/7pm

    ■Charge, Solo Traveler, 22,000 yen(course dishes, drink, tax, Service Fee included)

    ■Application method
           Please apply by phone.
           Dinner show reservation, 025-244-7101

  • "December 16", Takuya Nakazawa Christmas Dinner Show

    ◆◆Takuya Nakazawa Christmas Dinner Show◆◆

    ■Date and time, December 16, 2018(Day)

    ■time, Part One, Receptionist/From 12: 00, Meals/From 12: 30, show/From 14: 30
          Part 2, Receptionist/From 17: 00, Meals/From 17: 30, show/From 19: 30

    ■Charge, Solo Traveler, 20,000 Yen

    ■Application method
       ◇October 6(soil)~ October 8(Month), Private phone number
        TEL: 025-241-9843(Reception time, 10:00 to 18:00)
        ※We accept only private telephone from 10/6 to 10/8.Other than that it can not be accepted
         Please note.

       ◇October 9(fire)~, Reception Phone Number
        Dinner show reservation
        TEL: 025-244-7101(Reception time, 10:00 to 18:00)

  • "December 22", Christmas concert by 6 muses

    ◆◆Christmas Concert by 6 Muses◆◆

    2 sopranos and 3 mezzo / soprano are full-fledged opera
    Please enjoy nostalgic pop songs everyone holds, Christmas songs that are perfect for this season.
    I will sing it.Please enjoy while eating and wine.

    ■Date and time, December 22, 2018(soil)

    ■time, Receptionist/From 16: 30, Meals/From 17: 00, Opening/17: 30

    ■Charge, Solo Traveler, ¥ 9,000(Meal, drink, tax, Service Fee included)

    ■Application method
           Please apply by phone.
           Dinner show reservation, 025-244-7101

  • "December 23", Hirari Satoh Family Christmas Concert

    ◆◆Hirari Satoh Family Christmas Concert◆◆

    Open eyes of the heart and sing tomorrow
    In her songs, the power full of hope for tomorrow is overflowing
    Please enjoy with your family.

    ■Date and time, December 23, 2018(Day)

    ■time, Receptionist/From 11: 30
           Lunch Buffet/12:00 to 13:20
           concert/13: 45 to 15: 00

    ■Price (with lunch buffet and concert)
           Adult(s)(Middle school student), 5,000 yen
           Senior(65 years of age or older), 4,500 yen
           Elementary school-aged children, ¥ 3,500
           Infants(4 years and over), ¥ 2000, ※Free for children under 3 years old

    ■Application method
           Please make a reservation by telephone.
           Dinner show reservation, 025-244-7101

  • Phantom cattle, Ozaki beef fair being held!

    Of visionary cattle born in Miyazaki are offered in limited quantity at the steakhouse "Azuma"!

    It is called "phantom wagyu beef" because the distribution volume is small.
    Only "Azuma" can eat "Ozaki beef sirloin steak" in Niigata prefecture!
    Please eat it happily on this occasion.

    "time", 17: 00-21: 30(LO 20: 30)
          ※Friday·Saturday, 17: 00-22: 00(LO 21: 00)

    "Fee", 15,900 yen

    "Content", Hors d'oeuvre of the day
          Seasonally grilled vegetables
          Ozaki beef sirloin steak(180 g)
          Warm vegetables
          Koshihikari Iwafune·miso soup·Osaka
          Dessert · Coffee
  • Beaujolais Nouveau 2018, evening to enjoy creative course

    Beaujolais Nouveau 2018
    ~Evening enjoying fresh wine and cooking~

    "date", November 15, 2018(wood)

    "time", ① 18: 30 to 20: 30, ② 19: 30 to 21: 30

    "Fee", Solo Traveler, 8,000 yen

    "Venue", 9th Floor Restaurant, "Lestini"

    ★Special Advantages★
    Beaujolais Nouveau 1 bottle gift!